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Active Shooter Certification

Active Shooter Certification

96% of American schools conduct active drills to prepare the students and teachers for an active shooting incident. This number is minimal in comparison to the number of places that truly need some training. The biggest problem is that many businesses do not think they need any training until they come head-on with the threat of death from active shooting.

Laurence Taylor Insurance Services guarantees that training about 300 people every month will cause a drastic reduction in the number of lives lost in such incidents. A little training goes a long way because everyone knows they are no longer at the villain’s mercy and can protect themselves with a few simple moves.

The active-shooter certification is not a challenging course; you can rely on the same strategies for all incidents without fail. There are many reasons a business should offer this training, including the skills that will empower your staff with invaluable knowledge to last a lifetime.

Key Issues You Will Learn In An Active Shooter Incident

What Is An Active Shooter Incident?

An active shooter incident is when an individual actively engages in a shootout with the intent of killing people. Most shootouts do not have a pattern or method, which means the shooter will target random people and places without a care about the direction of the bullets.

There is no single way to predict what will come of a violent shootout, but there are ways you can reduce the consequences and mitigate future attacks.

Warning Signs Of An Impending Active Shootout

An active shootout can only be mildly predicted when the shooter is on the scene and ready to attack. The active shooter could be a random stranger, a frequent client, a former or present employee, and people connected to the business’s staff. You may be able to tell that one is about to attack if you notice the following signs:

  • Erratic or unsafe behavior
  • Severe or abnormal drug and alcohol abuse
  • Violations of the standard security protocols, such as refusing to go through the routine security checks
  • Empathy for shootout attackers
  • Increased complaints in the workplace and unsolicited praise for violent weapons and crimes
  • Increased depression coupled with self-negligence such as poor hygiene or lousy artistry.
  • A disgruntled client who threatens the staff with harm

Most Important Things To Know About Active Shooter Training Programs

The program will prepare you by offering in-depth training on common warning signs to improve the potential loss of life. The training team will teach you what you need to understand to know that a situation is about to escalate and how best to interact with the shooter or victims, so they are out of harm’s way.

Other important things to learn include learning how to recognize the sound of gunshots, learning how to contact the authorities, and adapting a survival mindset so you can hide from danger.

As you can see, the active shooter certification program will reduce security risks and protect your most valuable things, especially the employees and clients. Apply here to get the armed assailant insurance and contact our insurance provider for an active shooter scenario to get started with the active shooter certification program.

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