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Active Shooter Insurance

Active Shooter Insurance

It is a sad fact that America is under siege. A surge in the number of active shooters and violent crime means that you need to protect yourself and your business with active shooter insurance from Laurence Taylor Insurance Services.

Why do I need active shooter insurance?

It is no secret that the crime rate is up across the country. The number of active shooters increased 96.8 percent since 2017. Murders and violent crime are up across the country even as property crime is on down.

Active assailant coverage helps business and high risk individuals recover after an incident. From an injured employee to property damage not covered by other means, this coverage is increasingly important.

Groups that Need Active Shooter Insurance

Many groups should consider active shooter insurance. Anyone at risk may not find that traditional health insurance covers injuries and damage related to a shooting.

At risk groups include:

  • Businesses in high crime areas
  • Police organizations
  • City services
  • City Servants
  • Teachers
  • Probation Officers
  • Anyone in the line of fire

Despite the tragic toll, gun violence happens. While you may not be able to get this insurance as a soldier in a combat zone, it does cover most essential workers.

Average Cost of Gun-related Violence

Gun violence takes a significant toll beyond the devastating loss of loved ones, employees, friends, and coworkers. While these losses are tragic, there is also the need to move on after an incident.

Costs include medical bills, the need to replace windows and electronics, a loss of attraction and value in property, and loss of business. The Virginia Tech mass shooting cost between $7 and $12 million dollars in 2007 with costs climbing since then.

What does armed assailant insurance cover?

Laurence Taylor Insurance Services seeks to be your one stop shop for all your insurance needs. As such, we offer comprehensive protection for the victims of a shooting.

We extend coverage for:

  • Property damage, business interruption, and extra expense coverage
  • Legal liability
  • Non-physical damage
  • Loss of attraction and denial of access
  • Public relations consulting, crisis management, medical services, counseling and/or psychiatric care, hiring of additional staff, and added security

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure at their place of employment, home, and school. Spare no cost in returning to normal and bouncing back stronger than ever.

Remaining Prepared

While insurance covers quite a few issues, you should be prepared for when a crisis strikes. We help you recover but a proper crisis management plan is always necessary to make the most of your coverage and even prevent a disaster.

It is costlier to suffer from an active shooter incident than to plan for the worst. In many situations, a crisis is not inevitable.

Active Shooter Insurance

Violent crime is on the rise. An almost 100% increase in the number of shooting incidents places many services at risk.

Adding Laurence Taylor Insurance Services active shooter insurance to your existing plan can help you bounce back stronger than ever. Get in touch with an agent today.

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Active Shooter Insurance

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