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Active Shooter incidents are turning out to be progressively recurring instances in the news nowadays. In such a large number of cases, the assailants can incur mass injury and loss upon the  public before they can be stopped.It is a lamentable reality that presently, business and individuals should find ways to safeguard themselves from silly demonstrations of brutality like gun violence and mass shootings. Organizations and public administrations are particularly in danger and can be considered responsible for getting their clients and employees.

Each target group has different training needs. For example, members of the general public are less likely to attend formal training and could be exposed to essential information through posters, brochures, or radio and television spot announcements. Employees would benefit from briefings and participation in active shooter drills. On-site law enforcement/armed security, as well as external responders, would benefit from hands-on scenario-based training; knowledge of the facilities’ physical features such as entrances, exits, and construction features; and knowledge of and familiarity with the capabilities of the internal security force.

Why we are the best in business?

Our certified instructors are fully trained professionals prepared as per Department of Homeland Security guidelines and standards. They are industry experts with years of experience and knowledge in their given fields, with unique preparedness for Active Shooter incidents.Coming from world class foundations as previous US military Special Ops and Police with degrees and accreditations, these certified instructors, through our program, will guarantee that your workers get the information and preparing to incredibly work on their survivability in case of an Active Shooter incident occurs.

At Laurence Taylor Insurance Services, the training is provided by certified and potential instructors who are totally qualified to offer active shooter training solution. They aid you in understanding the surrounding better and teach some really crucial life-saving skills that come handy while someone faces the active shooter or a violent situation upfront. This makes the workforce more confident during such incidents and increases the survival rates immensely.