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Individual Training

Individual Training

A major component of any active shooter program or plan is preparedness. The individual training program focuses on measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of violent behavior leading to active shooter incidents; as well as mitigate the impacts of violent behavior in should it occur.

Training and exercises are the best activities to help prepare personnel to react quickly and effectively in emergency situations. When considering training options for establishing awareness and providing appropriate responses to the threat of an active shooter, the institution and the authorities should conduct a thorough review to identify the best training approach for their facility occupants.

During an active shooter situation, the natural human reaction is to be startled, feel fear and anxiety, and even experience initial disbelief. You can expect to hear noise from alarms, gunfire and explosions, and people shouting and screaming. Training provides the means to regain your composure, recall at least some of what you have learned, and commit to action. A trained individual will more likely respond according to the training received and will not descend into denial, while the untrained will more likely not respond appropriately, descend into denial and helplessness, and will usually become part of the problem.

Training and support can include, but is not limited to:

  • Workshops and services

– Corporate reviews

– Security risk/crisis management policies and plans

– e-learning

  • Ongoing support

– Threat assessments including post incident support

– Behavioral assessments

– Site surveys including security staff SOPs

– Emergency management plans

– Incident management training/simulated incidents

An active shooting incident can catch anybody off-guard. However, the key here remains how one reacts during such circumstance. As these situations are completely unpredictable, one has to be prepared to respond in the correct manner to it. However, this does not mean preparedness pertaining to physical aspects but mental as well. Individual Training makes one more aware of their surroundings to ensure the response is beneficial enough to save lives. Laurence Taylor Insurance Services offers Active Shooter Training which is client focused and held both online or onsite.