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Active Shooter Training Near Me

Active Shooter Training Near Me

Laurence Taylor Insurance Services is the internet’s top search result for ‘active shooter training near me. We help businesses and employees feel safe and prepared at their workplace with our active shooter training program and insurance plan.

How Can Insurance For Active Shooter Help?

Purchasing active assailant coverage is one of the many privileges you can offer your employees. Safeguarding employees against dangerous situations at the workplace should be any business owner’s priority. Active shooter plans can provide financial coverage for your employees, managers, business premises, and other business aspects.

Armed assailant insurance can help your business get back on its feet after a devastating accident. Choosing the best insurance provider for an active shooter scenario can offer financial coverage for casualty claims, damage repairs, legal charges, medical costs, mental health counseling for trauma and PTSD, etc.

Importance Of Active Shooter Training

Active shooter training is one of the many proactive steps businesses can take to prepare their employees for an active shooter incident. While it is rare, the year 2021 alone has witnessed a 50% in active shooter incidents in the US.

Employees and managers at all organizations must be vigilant and watch out for signs of potential violence around them. They must also know their role during an active shooter situation to protect themselves and their coworkers during such an overwhelming incident. Active shooter training can strengthen and reinforce your company’s emergency action plan and reduce the risk of such dangerous incidents.  

What Can I Expect To Learn During The Active Shooter Training Course?

Signing up for active shooter training is one of the proactive steps businesses can take to prepare their employees and managers to respond diligently during an active shooter incident. Even with the likelihood of an active shooter event being rare, it is pivotal that your employees can recognize the signs of potential violence and stay prepared for an active shooter situation. Our active shooter training aims to strengthen and reinforce your organization’s emergency action plan. It also reduces the risk of any shooter-related incidents occurring. Here are a few things you can expect in active shooter response training:

  1. It is a stand-alone course that teaches employees how they can prepare themselves and respond appropriately to an active shooter situation at the workplace.
  2. A trainer will conduct interactive assessments and exercises to familiarize you with different situations. You can expect to learn the effective ways of responding to an active shooter incident.
  3. You can access the course material on your mobile phone, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  4. You will learn the following concepts during the training as recommended by the US Department of Homeland Security:
  • Behaviors that may indicate potential violence
  • Types of active shooter situations
  • Preparing and responding to any active shooter situation
  • Situational awareness
  • Role of managers
  • Role of law enforcement and how to respond
  • Reporting suspicions to HR

An active shooter is usually someone from your workplace who may be a current or former employee. Laurence Taylor Insurance Services offers training for businesses, managers, and coworkers, equipping them with essential skills to notice potentially violent behavior or characteristics in an employee. Your search for active shooter training near me ends here. Call 213-536-7242 to learn more about how you can tackle an active shooter situation safely.

Active Shooter Training Near Me

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Active Shooter Training Near Me

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