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April 27, 2022 5:46 am

New York Times reported a shooting incident on the 12th of April, 2022. A man was reported to have set off smoke grenades in a crowded subway car and then had also opened fire. The police has named a ‘person of interest’ relating to this incident. 23 people were injured during this incident and the policy is on the lookout for this ‘person of interest’.The police has also informed that he had left some disturbing videos online.

The New York subway was said to be already struggling and now with the Brooklyn shooting the use of the subway is said to be a little slower than expected. Subway Service will be resuming on the 36th Street after the police investigation. The mishap took place five miles from the 36th Street Station. The Shooting is said to have involved only one Syrian Immigrant. The tragedy has injured nearly 24 people amongst whom 5 have been reportedly in a very critical situation. He is said to have fired 33 shots, after which he fled.

The suspected person is said to be a 62 year old male, named Frank R. James. The police said that the suspect had rented a U-Haul van in Philadelphia which was found with a key inside, along with a collection of belongings on the train that they believe belonged to the gunman. This also included a Glock 9-millimeter handgun, three ammunition magazines, a hatchet, fireworks, and liquid that is believed to be gasoline.

The Suspect had appeared to have posted numerous videos on YouTube, where he stole from news events in unnecessary spiteful spouts. He also blamed black women related to any violence among black people and Russia’s invasion to Ukraine as evidence that whites are genocidal.