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Business areas have been targeted by Active Shooters since long. Whereas the school and educational institution shootings create more havoc, the shootings in business areas are more prevalent. Business open to pedestrian traffic are always targeted due to the presence of crowd all the time.

An Active Shooting incident took place when Mayfair Mall at Wisconsin, USA when a gunman opened fire at around 2:50p.m. which led to eight people ending up injured. In another such incident, four people were killed on March 30, 2021, at an Orange, California, office complex. On March, 2021, ten people were brutally shot and killed (including a police officer) by a shooter at the King Soopers grocery store. A mass shooting incident took place at Kroger Grocery store on September 3rd, 2021, claimed the life of one and wounded 13 others. This was said to be a targeted shooting as this was the second mass shooting incident at a Kruger-owned company, the first one being the King Soopers.

Shootings in a public area severely affects the businesses situated nearby the location where the Active Shooter incident takes place. It takes years to get the business in line and sometimes it never happens. This has often led to the shutting down of several businesses. Thus, the negative impact of an Active Shooting incident goes beyond the physical and mental states of the victims. It affects people financially as well.

Sometimes done solely with the motive of robbing the place or sometimes fueled with personal grudges, the Active Shooter incidents have been affecting businesses whenever and wherever they take place.