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Workplace Violence Insurance Coverage

Workplace Violence Insurance Coverage

Active shooter incidents are too common now, and none of us is safe until we install extra layers of security to stop them in their tracks and prepare for better defenses in the future. The event happens instantly and could be due to something as minor as a robbery, an angry client, or a disgruntled staff. The threat may come from factors outside of your control, such as an angry spouse, a stressed teenager, and any other kind of situation.

NIOSH states that workplace homicides are the second leading cause of death, and roughly two million people have to deal with workplace threats yearly.

What Can You Do To Make Things Better?

There are many things at risk when you do not have a proper defense or insurance for the active shooter in your workplace. The trauma caused to your employees will affect them for several more years and cause severe reputational damage to your brand. It is impossible to predict when an incident is about to happen. Still, you can make things better by taking our training course and enrolling in an active assailant coverage that will protect the staff and operations from evolving risks.

Reasons You Cannot Afford To Miss Out On The Active Shooter Insurance Policy.

Traditional Covers Have Gaps

An active shooter event destroys a lot of things, some of which have severe consequences to the fabric of your organization. An example is that a school will incur a lot of damage to its resources due to damage to the classroom, the resources within, and the reputation. Workplace violence causes the kind of damage you cannot afford with a traditional plan, and it is unlikely that you will be able to resume normal operations without extra funding.

One single incident will easily be the nail in the coffin that completely locks you from performing any other business in the future. People will dismiss your brand and turn to other establishments because they still remember the incident and its effects on people. An active shooter insurance plan will cover wide gaps and assure people that they can return without worrying about a recurring incident.

You Will Lose Staff

Employees will get severely injured following an active shooting, which will cause traumatic experiences in their personal lives and future working ability. It makes sense to have an active shooter policy that can cover their medical bills and offer psychiatric support throughout the healing journey. You should be able to assure them that you have their best interests at heart and they will be safe if they do decide to come back after recovery.

It also helps to have a program that builds good faith in the families of the staff who lose their loved ones in the incident because you will be building long-term relationships based on human decency and transparency.

Plenty Of Lawsuits

The third and worst risk when you do not have armed assailant insurance is you can easily incur damages when involved parties sue you for negligence or other similar issues.

Apply here to get started and contact our insurance provider for active shooter scenarios to learn more on how to get the active shooter plans.

Workplace Violence Insurance Coverage

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Workplace Violence Insurance Coverage

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